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“Andrew acted as the bridge between me and my right hemisphere — the creative part of me that didn’t get to live a full life until now.”
—Daniel O, Sweden

“It’s like someone gave me a head transplant.”
—Andrew T, Colorado

“I felt totally rejuvenated. I wouldn’t have believed it at the beginning.”
—Marc G, Florida

“I don’t even know what happened here. Wow.”
—J.T., Portugal

“It feels like I’ve been on the teacups at Disneyland—but in a good way.”
—Jeff L, Nevada

When I was a little kid, my grandad and I had a favorite game: setting things on fire.  

But we weren’t arsonists. We did it for our own delight. From afar it looked like yard work.

We’d gather dried leaves, fallen branches, and dead grass into a huge pile in the backyard, drench it with too much petrol, then set it ablaze. 

There’d be a WHOMP, a burst of heat, and a plume of black smoke. 

We’d laugh and laugh.  

The bright flames jumped wildly. They scorched the ground and left a smoky stench in our hair and clothes.

Once or twice we almost set ourselves on fire. It was a little dangerous, but we weren’t afraid, because it was so much fun.

This is what it feels like to live as a creative force. 

There’s surprise in everything, whether you’re drawing, daydreaming, or writing a sentence for a website. 

You’re immersed in your senses — not just looking at the world but really seeing into it. It feels like anything could happen.  

It’s a fun way to live.

I help people live from their senses so they can be in that generative space. I’ve supported business leaders, writers, artists, actors, musicians, and even zen masters in fearlessly accessing their creative power.

“The relaxation and energy coming from Andrew’s sessions have to be experienced to be believed. I got a fantastic feeling of being alive and vibrant, while calm.” 
—Christian L, Norway

“Andrew goes deeper than Stanislav Grof’s Holotropic Breathwork. Rather than presenting a mere peak experience, Andrew delivers results. He goes layer by layer, deeper and deeper, assisting self-discovery.” 
Karl B, Germany

“Instead of trying to portray a certain image of who I am, I’m able to just relax and watch the situation unfold.” 
L.K., Netherlands

Common side effects of working with Andrew include an increase in clarity and a heightened sense of wellbeing. Andrew has consistently proven to be extremely attentive and skilled in creating a space conducive to my self-transformation. His care for his clients is skillfully embodied and truly genuine and compassionate.”
—T.C., California

“You guided me to so many openings yesterday. It’s a pleasure working with you. Every time I’m blown away some more.”
—N.S., New York

“I’m shifting into noticing instead of tensing up and blocking out what’s happening. Which (I now see) is all I ever did before, and all anybody I’ve ever met has done — automatically, without ever knowing it. I feel like an extraterrestrial, but also more fully human than ever.”
—C.B., Colorado

“Andrew is the rarest type of coach: he knows how to get you real results, and he genuinely cares about the people he works with. If you get a chance to work with him, take it.”
—Riley H, Oregon

“I have had the pleasure of working with Andrew for some time now. I feel like I am working with someone who is actively investing themselves in the process. A kind of solidity of character that is perhaps a bit too rare in some circles. I think this is just part of his basic nature. He also brings a lot to the table. Periodically a nook or cranny of background is revealed that further impresses me.”
—Claude N, California

“After my session with Andrew, I felt like a cloth that had been wrung out.”
—Peter L, California

“Andrew is able to communicate on a deep level in a way that makes one feel the guidance they are getting is invaluable. There is an authenticity to the sessions that make them very potent. I felt a deep sense of relaxation and an expanded perception of myself and my immediate surroundings.”
—Marc G, New York

“Andrew Bishop is fiercely perceptive and adaptive to the individual. His intuition for creating change is second to none.”
—E.B., New York

“The Bishop Method has helped me. I am a believer in it.”
—M.G., Kansas

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